Your Power Place

I’m sitting on top of the world! That’s the way I feel whenever I reach the top of the cinder cone which is the finale of my favorite Hawaiian coastline hike. It’s a great hike that meanders along lava cliffs of spectacular ocean views.

The coastline trail is actually officially a part of the historical “Old King’s Highway”. This is the roadway traveled by ancient Hawaiian kings and their “alii” (royalty) as they made their rounds collecting tariffs in the way of goods and foodstuffs. The existing trail today is well maintained by locals. By maintained I mean kept clear of human debris and often marked with white stones in sharp contrast to the black lava. The trail winds along the coastline offering stunning panoramic ocean vistas, and interesting observations of the fascinating lava formations that make up the island. The trail also provides intriguing historical and etiological features such as old lava rock walls, ancient burial grounds, and evidence of wild goats.

The culmination of this hike is an old cinder cone which is a steep hill created by a volcanic explosion of loose lava cinder with a bowl shaped center. We hike along the top rim of the cone until we reach the very end. There, before a dramatic backdrop of black lava and surrounded by ocean on three sides, I sit to contemplate the grandeur of it all. That’s when I feel like I’m sitting on top of the world. I feel the power of this place bursting with energy, the power of the lava, of the ocean, of nature. I feel a part of that power. It’s a magical place physically, mentally and spiritually. Each time I’m here I can’t help but feel empowered myself. Sitting on top of the world I am reminded about my own personal power and path on this planet. A path of growing my greatness and helping others to grow their greatness.

Best of all is that I can take this feeling with me. Whenever I get discouraged with life challenges I can imagine myself here, on top of the world, and those empowering feelings return. I just need to remind myself to go back in my mind. “My” power place.

We all have these places. It may not be on top of a volcano. It could be grandma’s kitchen that conjures feelings of comfort and nurturing support. It could be your first scuba dive that opened up a whole new world of awe and wonder. It could be the exhilaration you feel as an athlete when you win. We all have those places that remind us of the times in life when we feel happy in our skin and empowered in our own innate greatness – when life feels awesome sitting on top of the world.

Where is “your” power place? Where is that place in your life where you can go back in your imagination to visualize those feelings of empowerment? Today, re-visit in your mind, that place that makes you feel the greatest. You can conquer the world. “Your” power place.

Grow Your Greatness

Best wishes for YOUR best blooming!


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