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Cultivate the power of your team! Gain practical strategies for building stronger communication skills, unifying teams and maximizing personal and professional potential with Janet Hagerman’s presentations. Sharing purposeful insights in creative communication, relationship building, selling ethically, elegantly and effectively, and personal potential, Janet delivers powerful, game-changing presentations that enrich, enlighten and empower.

Choose from Janet’s most requested presentations below or ask Janet about customizing a presentation for your group!

Selling Dentistry
Ethically ~ Elegantly ~ Effectively

Selling Dentistry Dental SpeakingSelling can carry negative connotations for dental professionals, but it doesn’t have to. Janet shares proven sales principles that are founded on a commitment to patient care. Learn how to manage this concept in an ethical, elegant, non-intimidating manner that creates value for your patients and makes you feel great about what you have to offer.

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How to say what you want- so they want what you say

Making Money Meetings

The ability to communicate effectively with others is a crucial life skill. The good news is that communicating clearly is a learned skill.  SpeakEasy will teach you how to express your ideas clearly and easily and get the results you want.

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Cultivating Your Powerful Potential

Treat yourself (and your team) to an inspirational mini-vacation.  Learn Janet’s practical tips from nature to cultivate your personal and professional growth, while you refresh your spirit and re-energize your purpose. This presentation/keynote is a multi-dimensional learning experience where you will learn, have fun and grow, using nature as your guide.

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Grow Your Greatness
Tap Your Potential | Breakthrough Barriers

Growing Greatness is about finding and developing the seeds of possibility within us all.  This interactive session will teach you to unlock your seeds of potential and to maximize and bloom that power.  You will see the potential in others and help them to grow their power to bloom in ways they never thought possible. Taking lessons from nature, learn the natural cycles and systems that will teach you to discover and re-discover your personal power and the potential of others.

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Cultivate the Power of Your Team
Your Secret Weapon!

janet hagerman power of your teamDentists regularly miss huge opportunities to cultivate the power of their team to increase patient care and profitability. Janet’s experience with group and solo practices helps them accelerate their team performance. Her course helps dentists, young and seasoned, tap into the potential of their teams. Be the leader your team needs to help your team help you.

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“Janet was interesting and thorough. She was excellent at getting her point across in a fascinating way. Her superb presentation sticks with you.”

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“Janet brings an extraordinary amount of  hands on  experience and knowledge to the dental field/community, which in turn gives her the ability to impact many areas of business  such as; profitability, efficiency and solid business advice. Having Janet speak to DOMA members was a slam dunk! So many practices experienced immediate benefits from the valuable information she shared; asking her back is a no brainer.”

Liz Galazka, President, GA. Dental Office Manager Assoc. (DOMA), Founder: Affinity Bank

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