Solar Eclipse

Last month’s solar eclipse was nothing short of spectacular.  I don’t mean just the actual astrological event itself, which was indeed amazing and phenomenal.  In addition, it was spectacular in the way that it pulled together and united our entire country in a healthy, wholesome, positive activity, a movement, quite literally.  I know people who traveled hundreds (some over a thousand!) of miles to watch 2 minutes of nature.  Two minutes? – really?  Amazing… no virtual viewing here.  These thousands of folks wanted the real thing.  Kids got out of schools (excused absences thank you very much).  People took off from work.  Friends and families spent the day together traveling to a place where they could all watch, for 2 little minutes, nature’s phenomenal performance.

For one day, many people, from all walks of life, across our country, stopped to make room to bloom.  We put our busy lives on hold to listen to our hearts bloom in wonder at our amazing world. We gathered in fields and arenas and parking lots, peaceful crowds donning their safety glasses to watch, together, nature’s glory.  Even the media was united in a total positive focus.

I loved how this event of nature pulled people together. I hope it motivates us to step out into nature more often to, as Aristotle cautioned “beware the barrenness of a busy life”, and recognize and treasure the nature of which we are a part.

Grow Your Greatness

Best wishes for YOUR best blooming!


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