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Help People Help Themselves

Many people on our planet struggle with excessive handicaps, just to survive. With our help, we can really make a difference to contribute to the alleviation of their burdens. Here are two incredibly worthwhile non-profit organizations that I support.

Smile Train

In most American dental communities, while we focus on periodontal disease and cosmetic dental options, we seldom run across cleft palates. Yet, in some places in the world, this is not uncommon. Worse, in many places, children born with cleft palates are superstitiously considered cursed and forbidden to attend school or work at jobs. The surgery to correct this is easy and inexpensive. Smile Train trains thousands of doctors all over the world to perform these life changing surgeries, and parents travel (usually walking), with their babies in arms, hundreds of miles to get this help.  Smiles are made and lives are changed, for less than the cost of one crown!

As a health care professional, this organization is close to my heart and serves so many – to help people help themselves.

Canine AssistantsCanine Assistants breeds, raises and trains service dogs for people with disabilities. These dogs are trained to open and close doors, pick up dropped objects, turn lights on and off, assist with seizures; and serve as companions in so many other supportive roles. One recipient said it best, “My dog Janet-and-Tobermakes my wheelchair go away”. Amazing dogs for special people!

As a dog lover, this organization is close to my heart and serves so many – to help people help themselves.

To learn more about these organizations or any of the causes that Janet supports, contact Janet today.