Is dentistry walking out your door?

Got stinkin’ thinkin’ in your practice?

Ready to BLOOM to your full potential?


Janet Hagerman’s hands-on workshops provide practical strategies for building stronger communication skills, unifying teams and maximizing personal and professional potential.

Utilizing the principles of BLOOM, Janet’s training empowers teams to embrace their diversity and celebrate individuality. Cultivate the power of your team!  Experience performance breakthroughs, expand your possibilities, and elevate your practice success! View the Consulting Flyer

Choose from Janet’s most requested topics:

  • Empowered Communication Skills
  • Increasing Treatment Acceptance
  • Selling Dentistry Ethically, Elegantly and Effectively
  • Decreasing Cancellations and No-Shows
  • Maximizing Practice Production
  • Creating a Cohesive Team
  • Enhancing Doctor / Hygiene relationships
  • Increasing Patient Care
  • Building Stronger Patient Relationships

Dental Consultant Janet Hagerman

Choose your preferred format:
➤ Full or Partial Day In-Office
➤ Hourly via Phone or Skype

Orange flower - Bloom Dental Consulting ProgramProduction is a reflection of patient care. Increase patient care = increase production.

I can more effectively explain proposed treatment for my patients in a way they can more clearly comprehend.  I find I use these skills daily and it certainly has contributed to the success of our practice.Dr. Jeffrey G. Priluck, DMD, MAGD
Janet brought my communication skill to a new level. I communicate better with my team and production with my patient care has greatly improved.Julie Spruill, RDH