Bloom Where You’re Planted

This is the time of year when we reflect on our completed projects and accomplishments and consider future goals and aspirations. I’ve listened to some amazing stories of successfully executed ventures and challenging goals triumphantly overcome and completed. These are all stories and accomplishments to cheer for, acknowledge and congratulate. Still, amidst the kudos, I’ve also listened to conversations of … Read More

Blooming Leadership

“Worms” he exclaimed – tons of them!” My husband loves to garden, mulch, plant, prune, chop wood.  Like me, he enjoys just about anything to do with nature.  On a beautiful day he just can’t stay inside. So it came as no surprise when he returned from prepping his garden for spring planting and triumphantly declared “worms – tons of … Read More

Foundations for Future

Last week I had the privilege of speaking to dentists and dental teams at the 2nd District Dental Hygiene Society in Knoxville, TN.  On the way, I listened to a CD by a well known dental personality speak about foundational values.  I speak about this myself, and I’m always re-assured that others see the value in establishing a core foundation … Read More

Chocolate and Cactus

This month, speaking about Selling Dentistry at AADGP in Las Vegas, I took advantage of some extra time to follow a goal I had promised myself this year.  It’s no secret that I love everything about plants, flowers and nature, and this year I pledged to myself to visit a botanical garden (large or small) in every city where I … Read More

Plan your Bloom and Bloom Your Plan

Cold winter weather makes for armchair gardening – perusing flower catalogs, identifying the optimum veggies for our planting zone, sketching lay outs, scheduling the planting dates for various species, and meeting with the other gardeners of our communal garden to get their perspectives and strategize together, for another successful garden next spring through fall. As I work through this process, … Read More

Autumn Leaves – The Beauty of Change

I love autumn splendor!  One of the best places for fall “leaf peeping” is Gibbs Gardens in north Georgia.  This spectacular 220 acre world class destination garden is a favorite retreat of mine.  With an annual pass, I visit regularly to observe each blooming season. Right now over 2,000 maple trees (over 100 varieties) are putting on a spectacular display.  … Read More

Acorns – Making Noise

The sharp ear-splitting racket is very loud. They hail down sometimes singularly, sometimes in deafening staccato patterns of piercing clatter.  They’ve definitely been getting my attention! They strike the metal gutters and smack the wooden deck with such velocity, I can hardly believe a thing so small can make so much noise.  An acorn!  I collected them as a child, … Read More

Blooming Fun Dentistry

The Georgia Aquarium is one of Georgia’s sensational highlights – for locals and tourists alike.  Conceived of, and mostly financed by, Bernie Marcus (c0-founder of Home Depot), it was the world’s largest aquarium when it opened in 2005.  The aquarium houses more than 100,000 animals, representing 500 species, including beluga whales, hammerhead and whale sharks, huge manta rays, penguins, Leafy … Read More

Blooming In the Flow

I am living on a river – well, just for the time being – nestled in a rustic cabin, in the mountains, under tall pine and hemlock trees, on a dirt road, along a river.  I’m fortunate and grateful for the use of my sister’s family cabin, as a writer retreat – my inspirational space, my “room to bloom”.    This … Read More

Home Grown Tomatoes

  This year we are enjoying a bumper crop of home grown tomatoes from our garden. It’s fascinating to watch the tiny little yellow tomato flowers BLOOM and then develop into large, plump, voluptuous fruits on the vine!  Our varieties are the hybrids Better Boy and Parks Whopper, and the heirlooms Rutgers, Cherokee Purple (my fav), Mr. Stripey, and Brandywine.  … Read More