Acorns – Making Noise

Focus your Communication for Maximum Impact by communication speaker Janet Hagerman The sharp ear-splitting racket is very loud. They hail down sometimes singularly, sometimes in deafening staccato patterns of piercing clatter. They’ve definitely been getting my attention! They strike the metal gutters and smack the wooden deck with such velocity, I can hardly believe a thing so small can make … Read More

Wait Watchers

by Dental Industry Speaker and Communication Expert Janet Hagerman Does the Wait Watcher program preside in your office? Wait Watchers is for losers! Patients lose money, comfort, and valuable tooth structure. Practitioners lose patients and credibility. In some cases, doctors lose in malpractice court cases. Wait Watcher dental practitioners postpone complete dental diagnosis and treatment planning, opting instead to observe … Read More

Be Sharp! Are You on the Cutting Edge?

Smart Strategies for Dental Practices by Industry Speaker Janet Hagerman Ask hygienists if they like to sharpen instruments. The answer will be a resounding “NO”! Ask dentists if they like to see their hygienist spending time sharpening instruments. No again, they want them producing or on the phone filling schedules in order to produce. Understandable. It’s a dilemma. A study … Read More

Cirque du Dentistry

Hand-offs in Dentistry by dental business speaker Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH One famous and remarkable example of great hand-offs is The Cirque Du Soleil. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to experience this incredible show. The performers fly through air at dizzying heights, in dazzling costumes to memorable music and sounds – all orchestrated and coordinated for an incredible audience experience. … Read More

Selling So It Doesn’t Feel Like Selling

Selling Softly by Sales Speaker and Coach Janet Hagerman Selling is a controversial concept. While some folks seem to be “a natural born salesman”, others hate the thought of selling and resist any connection with the mere thought of selling anything. Actually, the best selling strategies can benefit people in all industries, professions and walks of life – including dentistry. … Read More

Sell That Smile

A Peek Inside Dental Industry Speaker Janet Hagerman’s Powerful Article for Dental Economics Magazine. “I told my dentist my teeth are going yellow. He told me to wear a brown tie.” – Rodney Dangerfield Have you ever failed to recognize a patient’s emotional or social need, or turned a deaf ear to their seemingly trivial cosmetic concern? In an effort … Read More

Perfect You…

Life Lessons on the Importance of Imperfection by Janet Hagerman Something was wrong with my floral design, when I returned the following day, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. My autumn arrangement for the exhibit consisted of soft fall grasses angled and flowing diagonally, appearing to be blowing in the wind. I had even bent over some of the … Read More

What’s The Point?

Perspectives on Communication by Keynote Speaker Janet Hagerman Nature walks always reveal to me new treasures, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Today, on a walk along the beach in Indialantic, Florida, I discovered some sort of sea bean that was sturdy enough to point one end into the sand and scribble sand doodles. This made me start to … Read More

Communicating Periodontal Compliance

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle While patient education and communicating oral treatment recommendations has always been important for dental professionals, current research, trends and evidence based science now make periodontal compliance of patients more important than ever before. The oral systemic connection is a game changer, with consequences … Read More