It’s Not Selling — It’s Serving

OK, so you hate that four letter S word. Particularly in dentistry, health professionals have a huge adverse, knee-jerk re-action to the concept of selling. Yet, when you get right down to it, selling is simply providing a product or service for compensation. It’s not really good or bad, depending on your belief. In the words of health care expert … Read More

Glorious Connections

Gloriosa Lily, my favorite summer flower, is blooming its flaming head off! Gloriosa Lily, also known as flame or fire lily, does indeed resemble flames of fire with its bright red and yellow reflexive petals, supported by strong vines and clinging tendrils at the leaf ends. This year my Gloriosa Lilies have graced the frame of Maurice, our yard art, … Read More

The Barrenness of a Busy Life

“Beware the Barrenness of a Busy Life”                                                                Socrates Apparently way back in ancient Greece (400 BC) the great thinker Socrates was warning us of the danger of being too … Read More

The Elegance of Everything

Last week I was privileged to speak at Excellence in Dentistry in Destin, FL, known for its pristine white sandy beaches and spring break theme.  With the eager participation of a great audience, the time flew by as we tackled the topic of “Selling Dentistry…” with a spirit of elegant ease and fun. Simultaneously I’ve been reading the fascinating biography … Read More

Blooming Leadership

“Worms” he exclaimed – tons of them!” My husband loves to garden, mulch, plant, prune, chop wood.  Like me, he enjoys just about anything to do with nature.  On a beautiful day he just can’t stay inside. So it came as no surprise when he returned from prepping his garden for spring planting and triumphantly declared “worms – tons of … Read More

Foundations for Future

Last week I had the privilege of speaking to dentists and dental teams at the 2nd District Dental Hygiene Society in Knoxville, TN.  On the way, I listened to a CD by a well known dental personality speak about foundational values.  I speak about this myself, and I’m always re-assured that others see the value in establishing a core foundation … Read More

Chocolate and Cactus

This month, speaking about Selling Dentistry at AADGP in Las Vegas, I took advantage of some extra time to follow a goal I had promised myself this year.  It’s no secret that I love everything about plants, flowers and nature, and this year I pledged to myself to visit a botanical garden (large or small) in every city where I … Read More

~The Softer Side of Sales~

Selling Dentistry – Ethically. Elegantly. Effectively Selling is everybody’s business.  In truth, we are all in sales. We spend our lives “selling” thoughts, concepts, things and ideas.  Being good at selling and persuading is a critical skill regardless of your business, dentistry included.  We all sell.  How good are you at it?  Successful sellers are those that create winning relationships … Read More

Plan your Bloom and Bloom Your Plan

Cold winter weather makes for armchair gardening – perusing flower catalogs, identifying the optimum veggies for our planting zone, sketching lay outs, scheduling the planting dates for various species, and meeting with the other gardeners of our communal garden to get their perspectives and strategize together, for another successful garden next spring through fall. As I work through this process, … Read More

Diverse Blooming

This year saw the passing of a person special to me – my high school principal.  Somehow my resourceful father, in a time before internet (!) discovered Dr Brown and his “innovative and visionary educational concepts”, and moved us all to that school district. And I did indeed benefit from that school and his programs. So, while Dr Brown barely … Read More