The Best Selling is Serving

The Best Selling is Serving!  This means being the patient advocate.   You’ll need to discover their true values beyond “I just need a cleaning.”  As a patient advocate, you’ll need to learn your patient’s needs, wants and desires, and help them to solve their problems.  Once you learn how to do this, you will take patient “service” to an entirely … Read More

Is SELL still a 4 letter word in dentistry? The Ethics of Selling Dentistry

The concept of “selling” dentistry can be a controversial one. Yet, being adept at selling and persuading is a critical skill in dentistry.  How can you sell without feeling like you’re “selling”? Regardless of your profession, hobby, and personal relationships, you are always selling something through relationships and service. How good are you at it? We spend our lives selling … Read More

Re-visiting Goals – in Maine

September was the perfect time for our long awaited vacation to Maine.  I mean a real vacation with no laptop and no work (well maybe only a little.)   The generous invitation came from my very fun loving cousins, where we stayed in a beautiful old (circa 1825) and renovated, vine covered rock house.  Nestled under tall spruce trees, on an … Read More