~The Softer Side of Sales~

Selling Dentistry – Ethically. Elegantly. Effectively Selling is everybody’s business.  In truth, we are all in sales. We spend our lives “selling” thoughts, concepts, things and ideas.  Being good at selling and persuading is a critical skill regardless of your business, dentistry included.  We all sell.  How good are you at it?  Successful sellers are those that create winning relationships … Read More

Plan your Bloom and Bloom Your Plan

Cold winter weather makes for armchair gardening – perusing flower catalogs, identifying the optimum veggies for our planting zone, sketching lay outs, scheduling the planting dates for various species, and meeting with the other gardeners of our communal garden to get their perspectives and strategize together, for another successful garden next spring through fall. As I work through this process, … Read More