Prune to BLOOM

My three year old, hot pink “knock out” roses are spectacular this year! True to their brand reputation, they are remarkably pest free, low maintenance and continually blooming.  But, they appreciate, and benefit from, a little TLC occasionally. For my husband Whit, this means a hard prune in the fall. He carefully and thoughtfully removes all extraneous branches, cutting the … Read More

Go Fly a Kite – Communication Skills Learned from a Kite

Power Communication Strategies by Dental Business Speaker Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH The beach was perfect for our kite flying –great wind gusting in from the ocean, and the beach a wide expanse of soft sand. We hadn’t flown our kite in years. I wasn’t even sure we would remember how to rig it, launch it, and keep it airborne. This … Read More