For the Love of Quince

Breakthrough the Barrenness of a Busy Life Creativity expert and business coach Janet Hagerman shares tips for less stress and more joy. Discovered discarded by a bus stop, despite being covered with trash and cigarette butts, the white quince bush bloomed. Coveting the plant, and fearing for it’s abuse, my plant-loving husband “rescued” it and the quince found itself in … Read More

Treatment Triad

Triple your Treatment Acceptance by Dental Business Speaker Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH How do you communicate treatment information to your patient in a manner that implies a sense of urgency without overwhelming the patient? Prepare the foundation for quicker case acceptance with the Treatment Triad. During the exam process, particularly the initial exam, prioritize treatment into these three categories: Urgent, … Read More

Peak Speak – Perfecting Communication Skills for Peak Performance

Peak Speak

Power Communication Strategies by dental business speaker Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH “The object of education isn’t knowledge; it’s action.” Thomas Kempis (from POP xii) Historically dental professionals have focused on patient education, yet how often does our patient education really work – how often does it produce action? While educating is important, the end result of acceptance and action is … Read More

Cat’s Rules

Power Communication Strategies by Dental Business Speaker Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH My friend, Cat, teaches first graders in Hawaii. Cat is short and feisty with tons of personality. But what intrigues me most about Cat are the rules she lives by and requires her class to follow. It is because of this that I agreed to visit her class to … Read More

Perfecting The Hand-Off

Communicating Hand-offs in Dentistry by Dental Business Speaker Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH “Did You See That?!” Well, no actually I hadn’t. Great hand-offs are seldom noticed outright. When executed properly, the team performs so smoothly, quietly, effortlessly, that their teamwork is hardly noticed. What is noticed is an attention to the client/patient that creates bonding relationships, strengthened communications, and strong … Read More

The Best Selling Is Serving

Focused Communication

Maximizing client service for increased profitability by dental business speaker Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH Gratify a desire * Satisfy a need PacoUnderhill, consumer shopping expert, tells us that, “Given the chance, people will buy from people who care.” How do your patients know you care? Patient care, like customer care, is expressed on many different levels. In dentistry, patient care is … Read More

Selling Dentistry – So It Doesn’t Feel Like You’re Selling Dentistry

Selling Dentistry

BUSINESS SKILLS THAT RESULT IN INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY! Audience: dental team Doctor: “I wish my team would sell more dentistry!” Staff: “I’m a health care provider. I hate sounding like a used car salesman!” Dental Dilemma: Is SELL really a four letter word? Nothing creates more controversy than selling dentistry. Learn the true meaning of selling, and how to manage this … Read More

Selling Dentistry

Maximizing Top Sales Strategies for Dentistry by dental business speaker Janet Hagerman, RDH, BSDH Selling dentistry has gotten a bad reputation. Too often it is associated with negative connotations and an assumed lack of clinical care. But nothing can be farther from the truth. Patients need their oral health care professional, the expert, to inform, guide, direct and responsibly persuade … Read More

What Is Bloom?

Janet Hagerman Bloom

by Creativity Expert and Business Coach Janet Hagerman BLOOM is a unique combination of floral design, personal development, self improvement, and spiritual creativity. It is a concept that observes and appreciates nature, not only for its beauty but as a way to learn life lessons. Bloom takes you from the inner world of a flower, to the macro world of … Read More

Winter Bloomers

Winter Bloomers by creativity expert and business coach Janet Hagerman We tend to think of blooming only during spring and summer, which makes the surprising appearance of winter blossoms all the more delightful! Seeing their delicate petals sometimes emerge from frost or snow is startling and remarkable, for both their beauty and endurance. Two beautiful winter bloomers are Helleborus and … Read More