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nov-9-room-to-bloomSetting your stage for success is a little like planting a garden.  As with any garden, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking proper preventive measures (i.e. amended healthy soil, good dirt drainage, root stimulating additives) prevents fixing problems later.  Likewise, buyer’s remorse can, and should, be prevented. Here’s how.

Buyer’s Remorse – prevent it

 Even the best buying decisions sometimes result in buyer’s remorse: “Wow, did I really spend all that money on a car/new shoes/a crown?”  It’s only natural to reflect and wonder if you made the right decision, so help your patients to KNOW that they did indeed make the right decision.  Tell them how great that crown looks.  Let them know how much better their new fillings will serve them.  Tell them what great work your dentist does and how proud you are to be part of the team.  Your patients will appreciate being part of that dental family.  Be sure to call patients after major treatment and anesthesia (hygienists, this includes SRP therapy) to ensure their comfort and reinforce treatment success.

For large restorative cases, treat your patient to a gift such as a gift certificate to one of your town’s nicest restaurants.  What better way to advertise your work?   When patients have completed a smile design by you, treat them to a complimentary session of professional photography (head shots).  They keep their photo with their new, beautiful smile, and you add it to your wall and portfolio library.  Use your town’s BEST portrait photographer.  That patient will become a great referral source for you, and your patients will love you for it.

People like to be associated with winners.  Let your office shine in the eyes of your patients.  Prevent buyer’s remorse by turning your patients into raving fans.

This article is an excerpt from the author’s book,
“Selling Dentistry ~ Ethically. Elegantly. Effectively.”, by Janet Hagerman

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Best wishes for YOUR best blooming!


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