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nov-9-room-to-bloomSetting your stage for success is a little like planting a garden.  You will have the best success if you first till and amend the soil, providing a fertile, nutritious and supportive medium for the seeds that you will plant.  This will ensure the best foundation for their growth as they mature and proceed to blooming and fruition, which is their natural progression in nature.  Likewise, your success with your patients/clients will be determined by the foundation you establish for them that creates the most trusting relationships that turn into treatment acceptance, which is effective selling. Here are some strategies to structure your foundation for success – to set your stage for getting your patients/clients to say yes.

The Bright Side of Baggage — establishing a positive atmosphere

Let’s face it.  We all have baggage – emotional stuff we carry around.  As professionals, you are trained to leave your baggage at the door when you come to work.  But patients and clients don’t do that.  They come to our offices with all their baggage in tow: challenges with children, work-related stress, spouse spats, financial stress, and terrible traffic. And you expect them to forget their negative baggage in order to be receptive to your message (dental treatment they need) – which may surely be perceived as yet more negativity in their life.  How can you help people overcome negativity?  Here’s a great way to set people up for success, to set the stage for a more positive outlook right from the start.

Most typical greetings, whether on the phone or in person, start with the question, “How are you?”  The answers we often get are full of that person’s baggage, more likely negative rather than positive.   My friend calls this “stinkin’ thinkin'” – the bad habit of focusing on the negative.  The problem with stinkin’ thinkin’ is that it transfers from one thought or concept to the next; from bad traffic to unexpected dental treatment.  How do you change that mind set to something more positive?

What if you changed your introductory question to something that required the other person to look at the bright side of their life?   Check out these examples:

“What’s the most fun you’ve had this week?”
“What did you do/going to do for fun last /this weekend?”
“What’s going great in your life this week?”
“What good things have happened since I saw you last?”

Help folks to see their brighter side and set the stage for a more positive atmosphere.  You will find that this can completely change the demeanor of your treatment room &/or sales presentation, and put people in a much better frame of mind to receive the information you have to offer.

This article is an excerpt from the author’s book,
“Selling Dentistry ~ Ethically. Elegantly. Effectively.”, by Janet Hagerman

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Best wishes for YOUR best blooming!


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